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Before iPods, compact discs and stereos, records and phonographs, people enjoyed music simply with music boxes or directly from an instrument. At TheMusicHouse.Com, we like to celebrate the evolution of music by offering a wide selection of musical antiques. We feature a diverse and high-quality selection of vintage and antique music artifacts, including music boxes, figurines and ornaments. Browse below to see the antique music boxes and gifts we have for sale.


Explore Our Selection of Antique and Vintage Music Collectibles

What makes collecting music antiques so appealing is their connection with the past, but our musical antiques also provide cultural education and serve as a decorative piece that exudes character and charm. At TheMusicHouse.Com, we strive to offer our customers one-of-a-kind and high-quality antique music boxes and vintage musical gifts crafted from top-quality materials including wood, crystal and alabaster. They feature hand-tooled engravings that perfectly reveal your musical styles and aesthetics and act as the perfect conversation piece.

We offer a wide selection of musical antiques, including:

  • Music boxes
  • Musical carousels
  • Disc players
  • Specialty musical antiques

We even offer some of the most popular vintage music box styles including:

  • Vintage ballerina music boxes
  • Vintage piano music boxes
  • Vintage Reuge music boxes

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A Brief History of the Music Box

A century ago, more people owned music boxes than any type of musical instrument or apparatus. The musical mechanisms were often placed in jewelry boxes, windup trinkets, holiday novelties, clocks and watches. Musical boxes underwent several advances over time, and most are available in a variety of technologies, including brass cylinders, punched metal discs, tapered metal cuffs, punched paper rolls and removable discs.

Early music boxes were typically French mantle clocks that could play up to five songs, and many featured songs specially composed by Beethoven, Hayden and Mozart. In 1796, a Swiss inventor made a music box breakthrough by replacing bells with pretuned metal strips and teeth that allowed the boxes to have a broader scale and better-quality sound. He then added a spring mechanism that acted as an on and off switch and removable cylinders to add a wider musical selection.

From there, the boxes became more intricate and featured lever-spring winders for uninterrupted play. Later in the 19th century, they began featuring movable figurines. During the Great Depression and World War II, interest in music boxes waned. However, they were revived in the 1960s and now are a fun and interesting collector's item.

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Since 1965, TheMusicHouse.Com has been the leading music expert in the industry, featuring a team of specialists with a knowledge ranging from classical to folk to jazz to country music. In addition to our wide selection of vintage and antique music boxes, we also provide music box repair and restoration services, as well as custom music designs, apparel and gifts.

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