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Music Boxes for Babies


The gift of music for a baby or child is a sentimental gift that continues giving! Our nursery music boxes include many treasures that will make the perfect Infant gift for a baby shower. Musically inclined parents will surely enjoy the thought of passing the love of music to their child through a baby boy or baby girl music box. has a large selection of children's music boxes with matching books, musical toys and potential heirloom musical pieces that will encourage infants to love music.

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Buy Infant Music Boxes

Our infant music boxes come in different sizes, colors and shapes. The vibrant colors and creative shapes of these items ensure that they will draw a child's eye. Our Nursery Carousel in White and Blue as well as our Nursery Carousel in White, Yellow and Pink are beautiful additions to any nursery. These charming and reasonable music box carousels can add to a parent's collection or start one for a child.

Baby Boy Music Boxes for Sale has various baby boy music boxes and other toys for sale. A new infant lying in his bassinet will love looking up at our Nursery Carousel in Two-Tone Blue with horses that move up and down as the melody plays or a sweet and cuddly Gund Musical Plush Animal. Think about how much this gift would mean to two parents who are musicians or love music. Their baby can listen to the sounds of a beautiful infant music box as he falls asleep and continue to listen every night as he grows older and upon wakening, carry around his pet plush Elephant, Giraffe, Dog or Bear.

Baby Girl Music Boxes for Sale

If a family member, friend or loved one has recently had a baby girl, all colors of carousels are appropriate, including our Nursery Carousel in Pink. Our Fairy and princess keepsake music boxes for sale will make the perfect gift and add that personal touch to the nursery where a baby can peacefully fall asleep to a melodious tune and as she grows up enjoy keeping her little treasures in a safe and musical place.  Our high-quality or upscale Italian music boxes playing a children's tune will stand up to the test of time and may even remain in a baby's nursery for generations to come. 

Silver Musical Figurines for Infants and More

We sell more than just infant music boxes. has all of the currently available musical silver figurines by Reed and Barton, such as the Silver Musical Airplane,  Silver Musical Figurine Turtle and Silver Musical Figurine Bunny Rabbit ... there is even an elephant and dragonfly. As children grow, music impacts all areas of their development, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language and overall literacy skills. Our CDs such as Mozart, Baby! and How Sweet It Is, Baby! are perfect to play in the nursery or home to an infant or growing child.

Books combined with Jack-in-the-box music, such as Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit or the Nut Brown Hare exclaiming, "Do You Know How Much I Love You"  will also increase a child's motor and literacy skills along with self confidence.  

The Joy Music Boxes Bring to Babies

Music makes a positive difference in multiple areas of youthful development and gives a child joy that will last a lifetime, evidenced in the desire of parents and grandparents to pass on their treasured musical to their offspring. 

Buy Engraved Music Boxes for Babies at

The personalized touch of an engraved name, quote, song lyric and more will make your gift even more significant. An engraved music box for babies is a gift that will memorialize the current blessed event and eventually be remembered as a past event that will continue to bring joy to that child and his or hers for years to come.

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