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Flights of Fancy Bird Calls

Designed, Hand Carved and Dedicated to Simple Pleasures! These Natural Wooden Whistles are made of "Supply Chain Assured Woods" supporting better management of the worlds forests for future generations (and their gift boxes are made from recycled paper)


Authentic, Hand-Carved Flights of Fancy Bird Calls

Give a gift of natural beauty to your "Birder." Your Bird watching friends will be thrilled. These whistles and bird calls are made of Hand carved wood and imitate the authentic sounds of these birds. Simply blow the Duck Call and hear the true quack quack of the mallard duck which can be rather amusing or listen to the Little Owl screech which will attract these shy little birds and lure them to fly close or create the hoo hoo-hoo of a Tawny Owl and wait for one (or more) to call back. or play the cuckoo two note call and trick everyone within earshot that they heard the first Cuckoo of the year The Blackbird call is not the easiest but very realistic. Blow in and out and roll your "rrrs" while you blow. With a bit of practice you'll have the birds flocking at your feet. Flights of Fancy bird calls are authentic & high quality. Browse our selection above!  Not recommended for children.

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