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Blackbird Call in Gift Bos Whistle by Flights of Fancy

Natural Haggis Call


Imported from the UK this Natural Whistle by Flight of Fancy is beautifully gift boxed in packaging that is made from recycled materials. Listen to the cry of the shy wee Haggis. You never know, maybe you will lure one out of its hiding place.

FAQ? What is a Haggis? According to electricscotland.com, a haggis is a small animal native to Scotland. Well, actually it's a bird with vestigial wings - like the ostrich. Because the habitat of the haggis in exclusively mountainous, and because it is always found on the sides of Scottish mountains, it has evolved a rather strange gait. The poor thing has only three legs, and each leg is a different length. As a result of this, they can only run in circles. So when hunting haggis, you must get them on to a flat plain and then they are quite easy to catch. Though they can only run round in circles they apparently swim rather well in the mountain lakes.

Flights of Fancy also produces a Song Bird CD. A wonderful gift for those who appreciate nature.


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