Customers' Projects Gallery

2/26/2023: Our customers' projects are the best!! We are always so proud to present these fabulous works of art.
D.C. adorned the lid of his magnificent cabinet with this lovely calligraphic style initial "A."
Thank you for sharing this future heirloom D.C. We're honored to have supplied your music.
Beautiful Calligraphic Marquetry of Initial A on very handsome cabinet.


7/8/2022: Masterful Modern Marquetry !! David created this for his granddaughter's birthday.
This treasure of a lifetime will certainly be a family heirloom. Amazing work, David!

4/1/2019: Bill created this wonderful music box for his wife. Beautiful tune with a unique and creative design. Very impressive Bill! I'm sure your wife will treasure it forever. 

2/15/2019: John made these beautiful boxes from a cherry tree that cut down on his property in New Hampshire. Amazing job John! Your grandkids are going to cherish these for a lifetime! Great work!!

1/22/2019: This is a stunning 50 note Orpheus music box made for a family member. The craftsmanship is top notch, wonderful job Bob!

1/15/2019: This musical Christmas coconut is currently being showcased at the Williams House B & B located in Amelia Island, FL. The artwork on the coconut depicts a German town plaza in Helen, GA. Beautiful job done by Ana (coconutartbyana)! Thank you so much for sharing! 

9/13/2018: Check out the amazing craftsmanship on this beautifully finished Music Box. Pete – Its was a pleasure finding you the mechanism you needed to make this truly special piece for your daughter. Wonderful work! 

8/3/2016: This wonderful box was given as a gift for a baby girl born just this summer - 2016. The mechanism is a 72 note Sankyo. It plays Blue Danube, Lara’s Theme and Edelweiss. Beautiful work Vince! It was a pleasure doing business with you and this is certainly a piece baby Emma will treasure forever!

06/14/2016: We were overjoyed to work with Star and her team providing four brass music stands for the 2016 Tony Awards! Thank you for providing the picture Star. The set is beautifully elegant and the stands really showcase that classic look!



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