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We are A MUSICAL GIFT STORE with an extraordinary inventory filled with musical treasures to delight all music Lovers, musicians and their children and our goal is to provide you with caring service. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we’ll find it or something similar for you. Whether it be novelty or miniature musical instruments, Chimes and Music Boxes, Accessories for performing musicians and students, musical trinkets, or music souvenirs, we have been providing our customers with their hearts’ desires for the last 20 years from our Music House Shop at TheMusicHouse.Com, Inc.

Our store presents you with an exclusively unique range of music related things, such as musical boxes and musical gifts, musical art and sculptures, serious whistles, musical jewelry, musical toys for children, Children’s books about music, musical stuffed animals, toy musical instruments, children’s guitars, banjos, ukuleles, and much more.

You will find an huge assortment of wonderful musical wind chimes. Traditionally, these were used to keep evil spirits at bay; however, nowadays they are commonly used by people for home décor, hung on the doorsteps, windows or used to embellish the garden area.

Our inventory also consists of beautiful musical sculptures, which you can gift to your friends, family members, and kids on different holidays or occasions such as, Christmas, birthdays, graduation, marriage and anniversaries, etc. You can purchase Art Tiles Wall Plaques such as, “Music Masquerade”, “Panpiper in Ferns”, and large, medium or small sized Composer Busts, even a Small Musical Porcelain Schubert that plays his “Serenade” and many more music gifts from our site.

Our elegantly crafted music boxes and gifts bring so much joy into Peoples’ lives. Many of these most cherished and memorable gifts that you present will become heirlooms of the future. We specialize in customizing these boxes as per your desires. You can select your favorite tune from our many tune lists to be installed in the box of your choice, or put your own, original composition into a new or vintage music box disc player.

We are your one stop music shop for karaoke, music stands, musical lamps, conductor’s batons, Twirling batons and other performing necessities. Gifts for corporate presentation, children’s instruments, steel drums, serious whistles, many novelty instruments and many other music related things are all readily available. Just place your order now, and wait for your unique musical gift to arrive! We have a dedicated customer care department that is always ready to assist you. You can contact us between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm, Monday thru Saturday to have your questions and any concerns addressed.