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We are always looking for children's books about music to have available for kids of all ages. These books are meant to speak to youngsters and spark a joy in learning about music. We've found stories for everyone from a musical jack-in-the-box based on "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to a "Fandex" for older children as an educational aid with pertinent information about the great composers such as Beethoven and Mozart.  
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Suggestions from our Music House Shop include:

  • "Olivia Forms a Band": In this child's book, everyone's favorite pig puts a band together herself using common household items.
  • "Ellington Was Not a Street": In this tribute to an older African-American community, the author tells of her childhood within a close-knit community that included music.
  • "The Bat Boy and His Violin": Throughout this story, a little boy named Reginald is more interested in his violin than taking over his dad's job managing a baseball team. His music ends up helping the team win.
  • "Zin! Zin! Zin! a Violin": In this classic story, a trombone starts off playing alone. Eventually, other instruments join in until there's an entire orchestra on stage.

Music for Little Mozarts deluxe starter kit is the perfect gift for the youngest children who are ready to take music lessons and need more interaction than a children's book.  The kit includes a mini Plush Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear, an activity board with a marker, a music lesson book, music discovery book, workbook. One of the sweetest introductions to music available. 

Children's books about music can make a difference in a child's development whether they are taking music lessons or not. These types of books will teach children important literacy skills while also contributing to their musical knowledge. Age-appropriate books can offer important life lessons in developing skills and ways of coping with problems. 

These books make excellent gifts for a young family member who is passionate about music or new parents who want their child to appreciate music as they grow older.

Pre-school, kindergarten and elementary school classrooms are also excellent places to stock various musical stories for children to read.

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We want to help make music fun for children at Although our children's books about music are educational, they will also delight children through entertaining stories. Browse our available children's story books about music and purchase one for a little music lover today.