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Available Music Box Tunes Movements / Mechanisms

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We house one of the largest collections of music box tunes (cylinder mechanisms) available to install in your own project or your choice of one of our boxes.  Vintage or antique, current or new, we take immense pride in the quality and workmanship of our new musical boxes and the condition of our rare previously owned products. We assure you that you will find only quality products in our Music House Shop. Purchase your favorite musical tunes to customize your music boxes here and you will not be disappointed.


Buy Music Box Mechanisms

Music box mechanisms, otherwise known as movements, produce the beautiful sounds that make music boxes a beloved gift and a household treasure. A metal cylinder or barrel with precisely placed pins rotates away from and then under a steel comb, plucking correctly tuned and placed prongs or tines creating a melody. The comb and barrel are in effect, created for each other and are tune specific. The shorter tines produce high tones while the longer ones produce the low tones. The number of tines on a comb indicates the musical ability of the mechanism.  18 note, 30, 36, 50, 72, 100 or 144 note combs play longer with more embellishment and more melodies. Some of the larger, more complex music boxes play 2 or 3 songs  or have 4 or more interchangeable cylinders playing 4 or 5 tunes.
Some contain drum-like sounds and/or bells. has one of the largest collections of cylinder mechanisms for your musical enjoyment. These are available to install in any client’s project or one of our new or used music boxes or fine cabinets. We take immense pride in the quality and sheer workmanship of our Italian made music boxes and in the condition of our used products. We carry only quality music box mechanisms, new and lovingly previously owned and their parts to purchase.

Our Music Box Tunes, Movements and Mechanisms

Music box mechanisms have a long and thrilling history. Snuff boxes were fitted with tiny mechanisms to transform them into music boxes as early as the 18th century. Musical boxes differed dramatically since some music boxes were the size of a loaf of bread while others were the size of a dresser.  People of Pre-Radio days enjoyed them as their parlor music. Music boxes today are usually smaller and meant for more personal enjoyment. has a large selection of music box tunes, movements and mechanisms for any music box.
We have some very fine older Cuendet, Thorens, Lador and Reuge or Romance mechanisms
plus the newer Sankyo Orpheus Collection.


Quality and Custom Music Box Mechanisms for All Music Boxes

We carry custom music box mechanisms that can be personalized with an original melody or a licensed tune to play on a disc player. Kids will enjoy a musical box with a custom tune from their favorite Disney movies such as "Aladdin" "Dumbo" or "Beauty and the Beast." We can customize a musical box with a tune that appeals to any musical taste, whether someone is purchasing a custom music box mechanism as a gift, for a home or
as a reminder of a great love of music.

Choosing a favorite tune is easy with our wide selection. We have beautiful and popular classical tunes such as "Canon in D," "Mozart's Lullaby" and "Swan Lake," plus modern tunes from movies, popular culture and more. Recently or about to be married couples will enjoy a music box that plays their wedding tune or Lohengrin's "Wedding March." And to celebrate Christmas, our Christmas tunes such as "Frosty the Snowman" "Silent Night" or "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and the other Christmas Favorites, make great holiday gifts.

Types of Tunes, Movements, Mechanisms and Discs

Our inventory includes Thorens, Reuge, Jobim, Sankyo and other movements, including self-installation kits and stop-start assemblies for any musical box mechanism. Our quality, movements, mechanisms and discs will add something new to an old box and create a cherished musical possession for a lifetime.

Music Box Mechanism Supplier

Trust to provide cylinder or disc music box kits, music box mechanism parts and more, that will enhance your own creation of a new box or modify and existing box. Buy music box movements online today.

to place an order over the phone or via email or order on line. From some very fine older Cuendet, Thorens, or Reuge mechanisms to Sanko Japan using 12, 18, 22, 28, 30, 36, 50, 72 or 100 or even 144 notes, we have something that will suit your needs. Look for our special sales, which include Easter Parade in Clear Shell (a Vintage piece)

that tiny mechanisms were installed in snuff boxes as early as the 18th century? These mechanisms or movements are instruments that produce sound by the use of a set of pins placed on a revolving cylinders or punched out rotating discs that pluck tines on specially tuned combs.

and can supply most sizes of discs that can also be personalized with your own original melody or
with a licensed tune to play on a disc player.

Thorens, Reuge, Jobim, Sankyo and other movements and sell installation kits and stop-start assemblies
for almost any and all musical box mechanisms.

you buy one of our products as a gift for someone else or for yourself, we can help customize your musical box
with a tune that best appeals to your musical tastes.

Our online store houses an exquisite collection of unique music boxes, music gifts, music related jewelry, musical instruments, musical toys and instruments for kids, musical lamps,
musical art and sculpture and other things as well.
p with us in our Music House Shop