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Movements - 18 Note Mechanism (1.18) Sankyo Gold (Best Seller)


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Most of your favorite tunes and classics are now produced in gold finished movements by Sankyo in Japan. We don't know of a better 18 note mechanism playing so many melodies that is being produced today!
These are especially preferred if your mechanism will be visible. The single mechanism measures approximately 2" x 1 3/4" x about 1" high. 
The winding key is included.

EMPTY WHITE CASINGS ARE AVAIALBLE TO PURCHASE SEPARATELY -  if needed CLICK HERE.  This is an important necessity for installing in stuffed animals and the like. We also have Child proof keys available in our repair and replacement parts department. 

TO THE TRADE: Please call for Wholesale Pricing: 888 88G CLEF or 888 884 2533

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