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Musical Jewelry - Amber

The Fine Amber Jewelry pieces on this page are all exquisitely hand crafted, music related, objects of art (objets d'arte)  created by skilled masters in Poland. The age old amber is carved into several musical instruments  trimmed in sterling or used as notes or decorations that enhance the primarily sterling pieces.  Some are only one of a kind and are not available on a regular basis. Many are sweet creations of the company "Amber by Vessel" and are in stock.  These are conversation pieces that will be treasured by their owner.


Some amber pieces are on this page are available in a lovely green tone as well as the honey.  If so, you will be able to select your preference in your cart.

Wikipedia explains: "Amber is fossilized tree resin, which has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since Neolithic times. Valued from antiquity to the present as a gemstone, amber is made into a variety of decorative objects such as jewelry and believe it or not, has also been used as a healing agent in folk medicine." Interesting fact: THE OLDEST AMBER IS 320 MILLION YEARS OLD. The vast majority of amber is younger than 90 million years old, but there are examples which are much older. In 2009, researchers discovered a 320-million-year-old piece of amber in an Illinois coal mine, which unexpectedly was very similar to more modern resins. Jan 15, 2016