Personalizing with desk-related accessories makes any working environment a more enjoyable place, and bookends, along with other desk accessories, delightfully serve that purpose. Personal touches to a workspace aid in providing a positive mood, which in turn, boosts motivation which can certainly result in greater productivity.

Music-themed bookends and other desk accessories help turn a desk into a cherished workspace. Paperweights, photo frames, small desktop clocks and even music boxes fill that bill. TheMusicHouse.Com offers a myriad of items that will brighten the day and the desk to cheer the individual while pursuing his daily tasks.


Beautiful Musical Bookends and Desk Accessories, offers an unmatched variety of music-inspired desk accessories, including:

  • Pens
  • Pen holders
  • Photo frames and/or matching clocks
  • musical instrument clocks
  • Mousepads
  • Paperweights
  • Pencils
  • Paper clips
  • Business card holders
  • Letter openers
  • Bookends
  • Other decorative items

These music-related desk accessories are are functional, decorative and in some cases, necessary. Misplaced pens, for example, can be an annoyance, a problem which could be avoided by owning one of our pens with a pen holder. Frames to compliment a new photo of family, friends or other loved are especially thoughtful gifts for any occasion and will provide the desk with a personal touch as well as eliciting the joy of beholding.

Musically inspired desk accessories from are special and unique! Our Music House Shop boasts the largest inventory of Music-themed gifts under one roof and some are exclusive, not being available, in other online shops. All of our items are inspired by music, the universal language that almost everyone in the world appreciates and enjoys. It doesn't matter if someone is a musician or just appreciates music's magic — our music-inspired pens, letter openers, mouse pads, not so mundane paper clips and other items, even music boxes, will please everyone.

Why Do Musical Desk Accessories Make Great Gifts?

Desk accessories such as our bookends and elegant photo frames with matching clocks, make excellent gifts for all occasions. They're sure to please a number of different people, from the music teacher to the colleague who loves playing classical music quietly at work. These gifts are musically themed, in some cases, very sophisticated and subtle and they appeal to almost anyone, no matter their demographic.

Regardless of the occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to recitals and retirements or new jobs and new homes; anyone can gift these items to celebrate the event. When your recipient opens a thoughtful gift like our musical desk accessories, the celebration becomes even more special and memorable.

We have a multitude of wondrously beautiful, unique gifts in our Music House Shop at TheMusicHouse.Com that anyone would love to own. Engraving, if applicable, is available! Browse through our inventory of music-themed desk accessories to find the perfect gift today. Don't hesitate to call us for any assistance needed.