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We offer a variety of toy instruments for children such as toy clarinets, toy saxophones, toy trumpets, and boomwhackers. Browse our selection below!

With an early introduction to learning to play instruments, children can not only appreciate the art of music, but also how to find satisfaction in learning how to improve with playing an instrument to create beautiful tunes for their closest friends and family to enjoy. At, we love the opportunity to provide children with early tools designed to help them learn to play some of our favorite instruments, including brass section stars like trombones and trumpets, soothing clarinets for jazzy sounds, classic piano, unique and peppy accordion, and — for those who love keeping the beat and being loud — toy drum sets and boomwhacker toys for kids.

With toy instruments for children, you can easily help them determine which type of instrument best fits their personality and provide a healthy, informative atmosphere for them to explore their musical abilities and the different instruments available.