Magnets of Miniature Musical Instruments and Composers


The Music House Shop is a specialty online store where people can buy almost any miniature musical instrument as well as, musical toys for kids, music boxes and musical themed gifts, musical jewelry, wind chimes and a host of other items including accessories for the performing musician such as decorative and portable music stands, Instrument stands, chargeable battery run music lamps for stage or studio.

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These miniature musical instrument magnets are exact replicas of the normal sized instrument. It is so authentic looking, you would think it could take it off the refrigerator and play it but they are silent and decorative only. Created for those who enjoy collecting such items, they are also perfect gifts for musicians and music lovers. We have the largest collection of wonderfully crafted miniature instruments AND musical instrument MAGNETS online. These magnets will definitely fascinate all who love to collect. The magnets include all stringed instruments (fretted and otherwise), Brass instruments, woodwinds, keyboards. Some of the favorites and best sellers are guitars, accordions, banjos, double basses, conga drums, bongos.

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