Murano Glass Musician Sculptures by Estevan Rossetto

The finest of Murano glass musical treasures by the best of Italy's master glassmakers


Murano Glass Musician Figurines
Custom made specifically for TheMusicHouse.Com

Drummer = $695.00 USD, Pianist = $650.00 USD
Conductor, Singer, Guitarist, Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Violinist Cellist and Bassist = 495.00 USD

These high-end 6" Murano Glass Musician Sculptures (figurines) will be entered shortly, so that you can purchase them online; but, for now, if you are interested, please do not hesitate to call. 888 884 GClef (2533) We are able to take and process your order over the phone.

In the late 1200's, all the furnaces of Venice were moved to the island of Murano to prevent fires in the city. In the quiet seclusion of the lagoon, art and poetry had time to grow to superior levels.

The families of Murano glassmakers, enrolled in a ‘Golden Book’, formed the independent government on the island, appointing their own council, representatives, and camerlengos, by concession of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. A descendant from one of these important families, the protagonists of the Murano glasswork tradition, was the founder of ‘VETRERIA ROSSETTO ESTEVAN S.R.L.’. Its furnaces reveal to the eye of the enchanted visitors the daily magical transformation of sand into incandescent magma, and the fascinating melting of forms, colours, silver and gold.

Skilled hands turn the shapeless mass of glass into solid figures or delicate goblets, endowed with the mysterious essences of this material. The Murano craftsmen nowadays still work glass according to these century-old techniques.