Music Box Repair Parts

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Music Box Repair Parts

Repairing a music box movement (mechanism) can be a tricky task and the repair of the better larger mechanisms should be considered only by someone familiar with how these music box mechanisms work. These vintage and antique objects need to be played often and periodically cleaned and lubricated, perhaps adjusted and in some cases, parts may need to be replaced.

That being said, regarding the smaller 18 note movements (mechanisms), it is wiser and much less expensive, in many cases, to simply replace the entire smaller movement than to repair them.  We have a huge inventory and usually have the tune needed. In addition, we stock the stop/start wires, plungers, weighted switches and winding keys or platforms.  TheMusicHouse.com has a large variety of wind up music box repair parts for sale for the finer and larger musical antiques and can have certain broken parts fabricated or possibly repaired. These may almost restore a music box to its former glory with optimum sound and performance.

Music Box Replacement Parts for Sale

Finding the right music box replacement part for sale in our music box repair department and the correct repair procedure will ensure a renewal of your enjoyment as its beautiful sounds and mechanical behaviors are restored. Some mechanism parts, such as combs for disc players and pinion gears (depending on the age of the music box) are still available.  Certain parts as cylinders and their combs are tune specific and need to match each other. We can in many instances, rebuild a rare tune and make it playable again with parts from your old mechanism.  

For your enjoyment listen to some of the more popular tunes available in the libraries below

72 note Soundbite Library  
  50 note Soundbite Library  
  36 note Soundbite Library   
30 note Soundbite Library  
  18 note Soundbite Library