Miniature music box mechanism with unattached keychain
Miniature music box mechanism with unattached keychain
side view of keychain
underside view of mini music box mechanism

Star Wars or Tomorrow Mini Tune Design Your Own Keychain


Star Wars or Tomorrow: (select your tune preference when you add to cart) Miniature Music Box Mechanism in white casing for placement in your own music box or one of ours or make your own keychain.

This windup encased miniature musical movement can be covered in leather or other durable fabrics.  It boasts a compact size which is great for small objects & tight spaces. Only 1 11/16" x 1 3/8" x 9/16"high. Winds from bottom. Key opening is offset). Comes in a white plastic shell case with slightly raised lettering "Sankyo Japan" which you can cover or decorate if you wish with heavy acrylic paint or a brass plate engraved with initials or the owner's name. The plate can be ordered from your cart.

The brass key chain and a tiny screw-in brass loop to connect is packaged with the mechanism.

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