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Music Box Repair and Restoration


We have highly skilled technicians available to repair your treasured music box.
Almost all repairs are handled here, on the premises at reasonable cost.

Sometimes we can talk you through repairing a simple problem at even less expense to you.
Don't hesitate to contact us: Call toll free 888 884G CLEF (888 884 2533)

We are an Authorized Dealer of Reuge, Romance and Sankyo, also specializing in Thorens , Lador and other older music boxes including carousel mosques, singing bird boxes and cages. We have some parts and can order others. Older unavailable parts can be fabricated but can be costly. We'll also be happy to advise you on any major restorations for your valuable Antique boxes.

On rare occasions, depending upon the labor involved to obtain a diagnosis and estimate, there may be a "bench charge" if you decide you do not want to go forward with the repair. If you decide in favor of the repair that charge will be credited to your repair bill.

Labor is charged at 65.00 per hour or part there of.


1. Send music box in unwound condition if possible.

2. For Italian Inlaid wood boxes wrap with tissue before wrapping with bubble wrap. When subjected to heat bubble wrap can cause the finish to become cloudy.

3. Wrap well and make sure that all moving parts such as mechanical arms and discs of disc players are wrapped individually so as not to bounce or jiggle inside of box and cause further damage.

4. If there are protruding parts on figurines, such as arms or trees or fences, pad and wrap them well before wrapping entire piece.

5.The most important rule of thumb is that nothing should move inside of the package. If you feel or hear anything move it is not wrapped well enough.

6.PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE (inside of the package), your full name, address, telephone number and email address.

7. Do not include charge information. We will call you with estimate and take your information at that time.

8.You can obtain flat rate mailing boxes at your local post office. but be sure to use a larger box that will allow lots of bubble wrap or construction paper or Styrofoam peanuts, if it is a valuable piece, a box within a box is advisable ... again we cannot stress this enough. There should be no movement within the box or boxes.

9.Ship to:
TheMusicHouse.Com, inc.,  31726 Sylvian Lane,  Dade City, Florida 33525