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For use as a reference and guide to Thorens music boxes that were designed by Fred Zimbalist. Some of these may be in private collections or have been sold
(their placement on this page will tend to be lower than the others that are available for sale).
Items that are for sale will have an "ADD TO CART" button.

For more information regarding repairs and sales or
if you have a Zimbalist to sell, please call us toll free 888 884 2533

Every one of our Zimbalist pieces are re-dampered, and completely inspected for potential problems. Parts if necessary are restored or replaced with original parts (if possible or finely fabricated). Our work carries a two year warranty and a lifetime service agreement that covers labor.. (Any fabrication due to age-related unavailability is not covered) All are refurbished, polished and restored as close to its original condition as possible.

Russian born, Fred Zimbalist (1909-2003) was an accomplished harmonica player.  sources:  Ancestry.Com and SPAH, Society for the Advancement of the Harmonica. 
Related to Ephrem Zimballist, Sr. (the famed concert violinst), he founded the Zimbalist Music Box Company which operated out of Cleveland, Ohio.
He is known for these highly prized and unique Nickel Silver plated on brass pieces that were hand tooled and engraved in India ( though often similar, no two were exactly the same).