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Early Zimbalist Thorens Disc Player 4.5 Rare Elm Book Music Box

Sorry, This item has been sold.

Fred Zimbalist is better known for his music box designs made in India of Silver Plated Brass. This Thorens, Elm Wood AD30 is a rare and earlier piece. It must have been "Squirreled away" and hardly ever saw the light of day. Made of polished Elm, it is in amazing condition for its age. Its innovative, spring loaded storage compartment is housing a "D" set of 10 almost new classical blue label discs. It has been completely inspected and is carrying our two year warranty (as do all of our disc players). Measuring approximately 8" x 5 3/4" x 3 1/4" high, It will play the entire library of Thorens, most of which are available at TheMusicHouse.Com or on special order. (beware, because there can be age related compatibility issues.)

For our Custom Melody clients: Your custom disc will be fabricated to play on this player.... another solution to keeping costs down when customizing your own music and we do have other previously owned disc players that may not be currently showing on our website. Please don't hesitate to call us.


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Titles of Discs included are:

Blue Danube
La Traviata Brindisi
Tales from Vienna Woods
Lohengrin's Wedding March
Cavallerio Rusticana Intermezzo
William Tell's Prayer