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Who doesn’t love the sweet, melodic sound of a whistle? Whether you want to fill your home with light music, call a timeout during a game or attract various forms of wildlife, has the most extensive selection of whistles available. Explore our variety of ACME and American whistles or peruse our assortment of flutes and other instruments — we guarantee we offer the most attractive, affordable whistles for any daily use or music lover.


ACME Whistles and Additional Instruments From

Whistling is an activity people of any age or culture can enjoy to create pleasant notes or tunes. But whistling or blowing into a whistle isn’t only a recreational activity — using certain whistles is also a great way to communicate ideas, feelings or instructions.

At, we provide the largest selection of whistles and instruments available for any musical enthusiast, whether you need the highest quality instrument for rigorous use and game-play, to train an unruly puppy or to explore alternative sounds with inspired pan flutes or ocarinas.

We feature several entertaining and practical whistles, including:

  • Bird and Game Calls: With one of our ACME whistle bird calls, you can become one with nature and attract any creature you desire including ducks, pigeons, crows, nightingales or cuckoos. All our ACME bird calls are made from the finest black colored plastic to endure heavy use and variable conditions and guarantee long-lasting effectiveness and quality.
  • Police and Security Whistles: Our police, bobby and security whistles are suitable for anyone who needs to stand out in a crowd or attract attention from afar. Our striking, durable police and bobby whistles are made from the highest quality nickel brass plating, easily attachable to your person and audible from over one mile away. In addition to our traditional metal-plated police ACME whistles, we also offer several safety and distress whistles that children, adults and the elderly can easily use. Made from weather-proof and shatter-proof brightly colored plastic materials, our ACME safety whistles are twice as loud as a standard whistle and perfect for everyday use or for outdoor activities such as hiking and exploration, water sports and camping.
  • Marine and Safety Whistles: You can never be too safe with one of our quality marine and safety whistle products — our durable, weather and corrosion-proof safety ACME whistles are suitable for any outdoor sea adventure. These products are perfect for signaling help from a distance or alerting nearby vessels. For the sailing enthusiast in your life, we also have a wide selection of authentic maritime Boatswain Whistles, or Bosun’s Pipes, that were originally used for commanding crew members.
  • Orchestra and Band Whistles: With a new band or tri-tone ACME whistle, you can create lively sounds or become the light-hearted accompaniment to a larger band ensemble. Peruse our large selection of orchestra and band whistles, including the nightingale and cuckoo whistles as used in slide whistles, Celtic tin whistles and penny whistles.
  • Sport, Coach and Referee Whistles: Commanding attention on an active court or field can be tricky, but with one of our ACME whistles, you can take total control over lively games and activities. You can use our whistles for professional or amateur sporting events, and they're available in several attractive, yet practical, styles and materials including polished brass.
  • Dog Training Whistles: If you’ve ever attempted training a willful puppy, then you understand how difficult it can be to keep their attention and follow proper training techniques. With our ACME metal, plastic or wood silent training whistles, working dog whistles and clicker methods, you can teach Fido to become the most loyal, well-behaved pup in your neighborhood.
  • Ocarinas, Panpipes, Moseno Flutes and Other Instruments: Embrace beautiful South American sounds with one of our panpipes or ocarinas. Available in several materials and styles — including traditional clay, bamboo and cane — you can be creating sweet, exotic sounds for your favorite friends and family members.

For added personalization and sentiment, you can customize many of our whistles with specialty engravings. Some even include attractive casings, so you can give them to your favorite music lover, coach or instructor as a thoughtful gift or a token of appreciation.


In the 1860s, Joseph Hudson, a Birmingham trained toolmaker, converted his washroom on St. Marks Square (which he rented for one shilling and six pence per week) into a workshop where he would so anything to supplement the family income. He worked at watch repairing, cobbling shoes and other things. Whistles apparently, were his passion. Throughout the 1870s he made numerous types and designs. you'll be able to see and read about most of these designs as you browse through our Whistle Categories.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Whistle

With so many whistle product options, it can be difficult to choose which type and materials will work best for your needs and budget — when you need assistance selecting the right whistle for your needs and budget, contact the experts at We have more than 50 years of musical experience and can offer help and education about our various ACME whistles. Contact us toll-free today at 888-884-2533 or via email to learn more.