Acme Duck Call Whistle #572

Acme Duck Call Whistle #572


Hand-tuned and tested by expert callers. Three Acme Duck calls faithfully reproduce the feeding calls, fighting calls and friendly quacks of most species (a572).

Acme Duck Call Instructions

The Duck Call Whistle #572 from Acme contains an adjustable reed feature. Adjusting the whistle’s reed allows the user to make different notes in a variety of lengths, pitches and volumes to simulate several species of duck.

Acme Duck Call Product Information

This small plastic duck whistle creates a wide range of duck calls and sounds. From low to high pitched cries and quack sounds, users can mimic a variety of duck species. This includes the higher calls of the hen mallard, as well as the deep and low drake.

Acme Duck Call Uses

Uses for the Acme Duck Call #572 include:

  • Sound effects
  • Bird watching
  • Hunting


Joseph Hudson's son, Clifford Hudson, was a keen ornithologist and it was his knowledge of whistle making and a finely tuned ear that lead to the development of Acme's first brass and reed duck call in 1888. Since then the range has expanded, with additions being made in 1990 to the range of predator calls. Pigeon, dove, nightingale, curlew, quail, duck, teal and widgeon are but a few of the species that are mimicked by the still hand made, hand assembled, and hand-tuned calls by Acme.

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