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Reuge Music Boxes and Automata

Authorized Reuge Dealer since 1967

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Reuge Music, located in the Swiss Mountains, produces stunning mechanical music boxes that charm and captivate all music lovers. Endowed with a rich history dating back to 1865, Reuge is an industry leader in both mechanical music and singing birds. The superior interior and exterior designs of a new or vintage Reuge music box and the beautifully arranged melodies they play make them a perfect addition to any home that will spark conversations for years to come.

Reuge Mechanical Music has been an Authorized Reuge Music Box Dealer since the late 1960s

 We have a comprehensive selection of Reuge musical Boxes. Ownership of these awesome pieces is a singular experience that is almost indescribable. Perhaps meant to make a statement or just give joy to the owner, many Reuge products range from a unique violin or a winch and sail design to the gorgeous singing bird boxes and unequaled musical pocket watches. We also offer the larger Reuge 144 note Cartels for sale with matching tables of the finest marquetry (inlaid wood designs) for sale. Any of these or other sublime Harmony Reuge pieces will serve as a focal point of any room and enchant all visiters.

Reuge Quality and Craftsmanship
The Reuge name is synonymous with unmatched quality and craftsmanship. Charles Reuge founded Reuge music boxes in 1865 in the small town of Sainte-Croix. He started by manufacturing small watches with tiny musical box movements. Reuge's older son took over the business and opened a Reuge workshop where he continued to make musical movements. The company's factory is still located in Sainte-Croix today and has always produced lovely cabinets with a complete range of movements, from simple 22 note options up to multi-note of 144 notes. They are going to be discontinuing their 22 and 36 note mechanisms shortly so as to focus only on their much larger 50 and 72 note mechanism.

Reuge states that “It takes three months to create a Reuge music box and that the mastery of thirty-four professions is needed to complete the various stages of production. Obviously, the unique expertise of each Reuge craftsman breathes life and soul into these musical boxes and singing birds so that you and your family will have and enjoy them for generations.”

Buy Collectible Reuge Music Boxes
Anyone of the  Reuge collection of music boxes is something to cherish for years to come. In this extremely fast-paced world, a Reuge Swiss musical movement is a living memory. It allows the fortunate listener a few moments to relax, enjoy lovely music and appreciate a simpler time.  These pieces not only enjoy sustainable value but make grand focal points, beautiful centerpieces, family heirlooms and treasured gifts that bring joy to everyone.

Reuge Multi-cylinder Cartel Musical Boxes with matching Tables for Sale
Many of the Elegant Reuge musical cabinets with matching tables that have been for sale here have met their production for the limited editions.  "The Firenze" and the "Roma" were stunning pieces with multiple melodies on multiple cylinders. Now, from our Reuge Collection, “The Olbia" currently is the newest and available as a special order item. The cartel movement with bells and drums, 144 notes and eight interchangeable cylinders results in 32 different melodies to enjoy. 

Let our knowledgeable staff at, aid you in your quest for adding the perfect piece to your existing or beginning Reuge Collection. Purchasing even a vintage Reuge music box with or without a matching table is a way to enjoy and preserve a piece of history forever. Reuge cares about every one of its clients and focuses on usability and innovation. has a large selection of Reuge pieces to help create a beautiful collection or give someone the gift of a lifetime. Browse our selection today and purchase a quality product that will affirm a love of music.
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Some of the items on this page are not priced. This may indicate that they are not in stock. Please call in or email us for further information regarding these particular music boxes. Due to demand and the production time needed for each of these treasured creations, they may or may not be completely ready at the very time of your order. It has been our recent procedure to contact Switzerland for availability, (ETA) and prices and apprise you of that information as promptly as possible.