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Vintage Reuge Lucite Heart Music Box

Vintage Reuge Clear Heart Shaped Musical Paperweight (1.18)

This sweet clear Reuge/Symphony musical heart-shaped paperweight measures 3 1/8" wide and stands 2" high. It will hold a photo.

You may select your favorite tune from our 1.18 TUNE SELECTOR

Please know that you will receive a Reuge mechanism but it may not be the vintage shown on the image. That will depend upon the tune you request and what is in stock. Please give us a second and third choice in text box provided when you add to cart because only a Reuge mechanism will fit. Please cursor downward for more information.

brUSMBX007 $60.75
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These vintage (but new) lucite heart cases will only hold Reuge 1.18 mechanisms which are no longer being produced and some titles have become very scarce. Please select a back-up or two and write it in the text box provided when you add to cart. We still have a large inventory of Reuge and Reuge's Romance movements; however, if we can't supply your first choice, we will contact you.