Happy St Patrick's Day to our Treasured Friends and Their Families!
Reuge Vintage Dancers under Dome Music Box
Reuge Vintage Dancers under Dome Music Box
Another Reuge Couple under Dome  (sold)

Vintage Reuge Dancing Couple under Dome


Difficult keeping up with these lovely pieces. The couple described with the yellow dress has been sold after only three days. we do have two other couples coming in next week for inspection. We don't keep them unless they are in respectable condition. Prices may vary a bit 

Please see our Vintage Page. Another couple has come in and ready to go out again. The lady is in a yellow dress.
The couple dance and twirl under its original clear plastic dome. Reuge 18 notes  5" high.  It is in excellent original condition. Like New!   It Plays Franz Lehar's "Merry Widow Waltz."  Order soon. These come and go rather quickly and we've not seen a vintage piece in such lovely original  condition in a very long time.

See below for example of other couple sometimes available. 

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Sometimes available with ladies in pink, yellow, powder blue or white dresses or Bridal attire. Please feel free to call for availability.