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Music Boxes made with Austrian Crystals

History of Austrian Crystals: (As per Wikipedia) Daniel Swarovski , formerly Daniel Swartz, was born in northern Bohemia (now the Czech Republic). His father was a glass cutter and owned a small glass factory. Daniel served as an apprentice, becoming skilled in the art of glass-cutting. In 1892 he patented an electric cutting machine that facilitated the production of crystal glass. In 1895, Swarovski financier Armand Kosman and Franz Weis founded the Swarovski company, originally known as A. Kosman, Daniel Swartz & Co.—later shortened to K.S. & Co. The company established a crystal cutting factory in Wattens, Tyrol (Austria), to take advantage of the local hydroelectricity for the energy-intensive grinding processes that Daniel Swarovski patented.