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Music Boxes of The Ballet


We have compiled the most complete selection of Ballet Music Boxes that will you will ever see. Those who know and are interested in the Ballet will truly be impressed. Not only do we have the popular childrens' ballerina jewelry boxes but a most unique collection of twirling ballerinas in fine boxes of Italian Marquetry. The music itself not only includes the lovely “Swan Lake,” “Waltz of the Flowers” and “Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy” that you will find in so many ballerina boxes but also (rare for a music box) melodies like “The Waltz d’Emile,” “The Kaiser Waltz” and the beautiful “Copellia.” Many are dances that aspiring ballerinas dream of dancing.


Are you looking for a musical themed present for a loved one? Consider a music box gift with a dancing ballerina inside or one containing traditional art work. The beautiful figurine of a ballerina exemplifying poise and beauty as a dancer, can be a priceless keepsake for your friend or family member on any occasion, be it: The New Year, Christmas, a Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, or some other auspicious occasion.

To make sure you do not have to settle for an ordinary music box Ballerina for your loved ones, we present to you, a wide range of Ballerina Music Boxes that rate high in style, design, as well as appeal. We are very sure that your loved ones would be enthralled to open and see in the musical box a small, gorgeous ballerina twirling and dancing with joy. If you are looking for music boxes for your lady or women in general, the quality and superb craftsmanship of many of these pieces have been designed for adults and rates second to none.

At TheMusicHouse.com, not only do we offer you a great deal in terms of quality and design, but also in terms of prices. We sell all our musical gifts at competitive prices. You do not have to think twice before buying them.

Our strikingly designed assortment of Ballerina Musical boxes and gifts include a Musical Heart Shaped Jewelry Box with Twirling Ballerina, Spellbound by Alan Murray, Animated Doll Dancing in Round Shadow Box, Vintage Reuge Dancing Ballerinas under Dome, Russian Nesting Ballet Partners 5 Pieces, Musical Dolls that include Tu Tu Sweet multi-cultural Ballerinas, the Angelica Musical Jewelry Chest Ivory with Side Panels, and many more.

Do check out our superb selection to find an ideal musical present for your near and dear ones.