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Musical Door Knockers


A home and its exterior, says a lot about a person. From the overall architecture to the small details inside, a house showcases an individual's taste and style.

Add a music-inspired door knocker to the door to compliment the home's front entry with a uniquely designed element. Anyone visiting will surely feel welcomed, possibly impressed or at least be alerted to the fact that a music lover lives within. Whether adding to one's own residence or giving a gift, has a great selection of knockers that will be gorgeous additions to any home.


Door knockers are excellent gifts for music-lovers. Whether they play or love a certain instrument or prefer something a little more general when it comes to music, we have something for everyone at From brass to percussion to string instruments, our finely crafted musical door knockers can add that certain appeal to any front entry. By choosing a door knocker that celebrates music, any individual, friend or family member can make their entryway unique.

The specific instruments we carry include pianos, saxophones, violins, guitars and French horns. General music symbols such as treble clefs, bass clefs are also available.

All of our music-themed door knockers at are made from top-quality materials. Most are made completely from brass, and some are made with both bass and pewter. Each door knocker also includes the hardware necessary for mounting to the door.

Why Do Musical Door Knockers Make Great Gifts?

Quality brass door knockers make a musical statement as they enhance the look of any front entryway.
They  make clever gifts for musical loved ones, family members and friends.
Most visitors will be tickled by their musical friend's unique sign
that incorporates their passion onto their home's exterior.

These are thoughtful and more personal gifts that will make a birthday, anniversary
or other special occasion become even more special and memorable with a gift
of the appropriate musical instrument door knocker (from to hang on his or her door.
 Help them say, "I play this instrument and I live here."