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SOME HISTORY: 30 note, 50 note and 72 note Sankyo luxurious Music Box series "Orpheus" was named after the minstrel master Orpheus of Greek mythology. The Sankyo "Orpheus" music boxes have very deep and beautiful sounds true to its name.  Sankyo reproduced the "needling" technology, (the art of driving needles into the cylinder of the music box introduced by skilled craftsmen of Europe in the 19th century) and has refined and polished the procedure to perfection.

30 note Soundbite Library

By moving sideways the cylinder,  can play multiple tracks of 2 songs or 3 songs, and also can play one long song.  The sideways shift can be seen at  "Movie of moving sideway cylinder".  Please enjoy the splendid music box sound of which Japan's largest manufacturer Sankyo boasts.

Prices may vary by wide margins. The thirty note Chinese movements are much less expensive than the superior Sankyo of Japan. We do not stock the Chinese but a couple of our cabinet makers supply them with their boxes, obviously to keep the prices down. You will see those to which this explanation applies, on their more information pages. Please feel free to call us 888 884 2533. We are able to order the boxes without movements and supply the Sankyo movements at additional cost.