close up of mechanism and plate to be engraved
Birds Eye View of upscale 30 note burled elm musical box with walnut finish
Italian Upscale Cubed Musical Box in Dark Elm or Pioppo (1.30) 3

Italian Upscale Cubed Musical Box in Dark Elm or Pioppo (1.30)

Please enter below what you would like to engrave on the small plate in front of the mechanism.

This Italian Upscale Pioppo Musical Box will play your choice of melody in an Orpheus (by Sankyo) 30 note Movement (Mechanism). It features a lovely beige sueded lining with a matching optional cover that fits over the window of the mechanism.   This especially handsome box with its high gloss finish measures 4.5" square and stands 3 1/4" high on ball-like brass feet. 

Also included in its above price, is a small engraved name plate installed in front of the mechanism under the window. (See image below).  You may use it for the song title, the name of your recipient or a short message. 

One has to appreciate its beautiful wood grain and counter sunk fine gold plated brass hardware. It is an amazing piece for those who enjoy simple elegance and love the modern look. It is elegant and a perfect mood changer for an executive's desk.

Also available in a handsome walnut stained Elm box. 

Please select your preferred color and 30 note tune preference above.

bgigSSBOX30-P or Ol
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Also available in a handsome burled elm, walnut finish.  Both boxes come with an optional matching lined cover that hides or reveals the mechanism. 

If you're looking for something like this as an upscale corporate gift, please call us for a quote. 888 884 2533  (888 88G CLEF)