Octagon Music Box with Instrumental Inlay
Octagon Music Box with Instrumental Inlay
Interior view of octagon shaped music box

Octagon Musical Jewelry Box with Instrument Inlay (1.30) (1.36)

If you have selected a 36 note mechanism a corrected invoice will follow

An especially beautiful Italian musical Instrument Inlay on variegated Rosewood trimmed with a skillful filetto border graces the lid of this Octagon shaped burled elm music box. It features a lock and key with the option to view the mechanism or keep it covered.

It has a rich beige sueded velvet lining and stands about 3" high on little brass feet. It measures 8" in diameter and about 1/2 of the inside is dedicated to a compartment for treasured jewelry with a long ring bar. It's a lovely piece. Available in Matte or Glossy. If you are wondering what the word filetto means, it translates to the word thread; therefore, a filetto border is a thread like border. it is an extraordinarily skillful procedure that was applied to the design of this box.


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bgig48/1SG-30 (or 36)
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This cabinet will accommodate a 30 Orpheus or 36 note Reuge or Romance movement. It is priced with a 30 note mechanism. We have quite a few 36 note Reuge mechanisms available. We have made both lists available. There would be an additional charge of 200.00 for a Reuge or Romance 36 note. A corrected invoice will follow. Any questions at all, please call us.