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Octagon Musical Jewelry Box with Instrument Inlay (1.30) (1.36)

If you have selected a 36 note mechanism a corrected invoice will follow
Sorry, not currently available.

An especially beautiful Italian musical Instrument Inlay graces the lid of this Octagonal shaped burled elm music box. The lining is a lovely beige with a matching cover that allows the option to view the mechanism as it plays the music of your choice.

It features a lock and key and stands about 3" high on little brass feet measuring 9" in diameter. About 2/3 of the interior is dedicated to a compartment for treasured jewelry. It's a lovely piece.

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bst4551-30 or 36
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This cabinet will accommodate a 30 Orpheus or 36 note Reuge or Romance movement. It is priced with a 30 note mechanism though we have many 36 note Reuge mechanisms available. We have made that list available. There would be an additional charge of 200.00 for a Reuge or Romance 36 note. Any questions at all, please call us.