Acme Boatswain Pipe Silver Finish in Presentation Box

Acme Boatswain (Bosun's Pipe) Whistle Pipe Silver Finish in Presentation Box

$37.80 Reg. Price $42.00  

A very handsome gift! Authentic Bosun's Pipe or Boatswain Whistle in a velvet blue presentation box. This whistle is also available in polished brass and copper.

This is the perfect gift for the boater in your life. An Authentic British Admiralty pattern Boatswain's Whistle also called a Bosun's pipe. The original Acme design dates back to 1870. Originally used for giving commands to the crew. Its high pitched notes could be heard even in gale conditions. Now largely ceremonial and used to "pipe aboard" an officer or respected guest, it is supplied with a leaflet of instructions and historical details.

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