Official Bobby Whistle

Acme The Official Metropolitan Police Bobby Whistle #15

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The Classic Metropolitan (Bobbys) Whistle used by the Police Force in the United Kingdom. Nickel plated brass. High quality. Comes packaged in a box. Attach to your keychain or lanyard. Keep handy for security. Dimensions: 3 1/4" long, 1/2" diameter.

For reasons now lost in the mists of antiquity, whistles were Joseph Hudson's passion. Throughout the 1870s he made numerous types and designs. But it was in 1883, as he played his violin and mused upon the idea he had conceived for a police whistle that fate took its hand. The London Police were looking for an idea to replace the hand rattle, so cumbersome and heavy, and no-one had ever thought of using a whistle. As Joseph Hudson put down his violin, he dropped it. As his violin hit the floor it murmured a dying note as the bridge and strings broke. On hearing that curious sound, Joseph Hudson knew at once that he had discovered the perfect sound for his police whistle. It's slightly jarring, discordant trill was unique and would, he knew, be far-carrying. He was right! When tested by the Metropolitan Police in London, in 1883, the whistle was heard over a mile away and immediately adopted as the official whistle of the London Bobby. It can still be seen on duty in the streets of London, and occasionally even heard.

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