Acme Duck Call with Finger Grip

Acme Duck Call Whistle with Rubber Grip


This Acme Duck Whistle with extra grip mimics the friendly quacks, feeding sounds and fighting calls of most duck species.

Acme Duck Call With Rubber Grip Instructions

The Duck Call Whistle #572 from Acme contains an adjustable reed feature. Adjusting the whistle’s reed allows the user to make different notes in a variety of lengths, pitches and volumes to simulate several species of duck.

Acme Duck Call With Rubber Grip Product Information

This small plastic duck whistle creates a wide range of duck calls and sounds. Users can mimic low to high pitched calls as well as quack sounds. This includes:

  • The higher calls of the hen mallard
  • The deep and low quack of the drake
  • The unique tones of the teal and widgeon

When to Use the Acme Duck Whistle With Extra Grip

The extra rubber grip makes this duck call whistle perfect for rainy days and wet conditions. It's ideal for:

  • Sound effects
  • Bird Watching
  • Hunting


Acme bird and game calls are used worldwide by top hunters and waterfowlers. Each one is tuned and tested by Acme's expert and experienced hunters and callers. this versatile call is moisture resistant and easily blown and features a rubber grip. Also featured on the back of the box it comes packaged in, is a complete set of directions on usage and how to get the most out of this particular call.

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