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Acme Silent Dog Whistle


They say every dog will respond to this whistle with adjustable frequency to enable teaching of a variety of commands. Invented by Acme in 1935. The Modern, improved whistle is the perfect dog training whistle for Town or Country, close or distance work. Adjustable frequency range Tuned to your dog's hearing.

Many animals react differently to different whistles, each has different hearing abilities, but most animals hear quite clearly frequencies that defeat the human ear. The Acme Silent Dog Whistle produces ultra high frequencies in the range of 5800Hz. to 12400Hz. Used for training dolphins and killer whales at Sea World it is also famous for its effects on cats, horses, mice and even bats! Place your pet within the vicinity of your computer speakers and click on the small maroon button(on the top of this text). Yes, you can't hear very much, but how is your pet responding?

The whistle is effective up to two miles (3 Km) subject to weather conditions, and the abilities of the dog and the trainer. HISTORY
Up until the 1930s, dog whistles had been non-specialist whistles - almost anything that made a sound was used. But in 1935 the invention of the Acme Silent Dog Whistle, another world first, with it's highly tuned and adjustable frequency range (from 5400Hz. to 12800Hz) armed the world's dog trainers with what still remains their most effective way of communicating with their dogs.

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