imblist Rolls Royce Side View
imblist Rolls Royce Side View
Zimbalist Rolls Royce Musical Box 1

Zimbalist Rolls Royce Musical Box


Circa 1950s, this Rolls Royce and its Flying Lady hood ornament will delight any auto collector.  It was designed by Fred Zimbalist, a cousin of Ephrem Zimbalist, Sr. (the famed concert violinist).

Silver pieces such as this one were all made in India and no two were exactly the same.
Brass with silver nickel plating, this piece features an ornately hand tooled small chamber to hold rings and small things.  It measures approximately 8 3/4" long x 3" wide and stands proudly at 3" high. 

Is anyone out there about to have an anniversary?  Playing "The Anniversary Song", when you lift the lid of the wagon, it will be a great piece for a desk holding paperclips or jelly Beans. Wherever it's new home, it will be a stand-out.   

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