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Heart Shaped Zimbalist Music Box featuring Peacocks
Heart Shaped Zimbalist Music Box featuring Peacocks
Zimbalist Heart Shaped Musical Box Interior with Engraving of Peacocks

Zimbalist Heart Shaped Music Box plays "I Love you Truly"


Sorry this item has been sold and is not currently available

Circa 1950s, this romantic piece was designed by Fred Zimbalist, a musician and cousin of Ephrem Zimbalist, Sr. (the famed concert violinist).

Silver pieces such as this one were all Hand tooled in India and no two were exactly the same.
Brass with silver nickel plating, features ornate tooling and small red velvet lined chamber to hold rings and small things when you lift the lid of the heart.

Sorry that the photographic exposure seems to be needing more light.  It is a shiny and beautiful as all the others. It measures approximately 3" high and 3" at its widest points side to side and back to front.

Its 18 note Thorens movement plays "I Love you Truly" and is activated when opened.  The song was written in 1901 by the American singer-songwriter Carrie Jacobs-Bond. It has been recorded by many vocalists both male and female.  Fifty years later (1951) , Bing Crosby sang it to Grace Kelly in the movie "High Society."

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