Zimbalist 4
Zimbalist 4
Open view Zimbalist Hexagon Music Box (bad reflection in image - not real)

Zimbalist 4" Hexagon Shaped Footed Music Box

Circa 1950s, this sweet more unusual hexagon shaped musical box will hold your trinkets and things or small candies and play the "Vienna Waltz" by Johann Strauss for you when you lift its lid. It was designed by Fred Zimbalist, a cousin of Ephrem Zimbalist, Sr. (the famed concert violinist).

Silver pieces such as this one were all Hand tooled in India and no two were exactly the same.

Please Note: Dark looking spot, caused by bad reflection in bottom section is really not there. 

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Brass with silver nickel plating, features ornate tooling, graceful legs and space for small things. 

It measures 4 inches square and stands approximately 3.5" high. The lilting melody of Strauss, plays from a vintage Thorens musical movement as you lift its lid.  This will be a beautiful gift and promises to be treasured forever.

It will be an interesting piece where ever it is placed and/or an interesting addition to your collection.

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