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Orpheus Movement by Sankyo 30 Note Music Box Mechanism

Movements - 30 Note Orpheus Mechanism (1.30) by Sankyo

The Orpheus, a quality 1.30 movement or mechanism (1 tune, 30 notes) by Sankyo. The tune plays for approximately 25 seconds and movement plays for 9 to 12 minutes when fully wound. All tunes repeat after the cylinder has made one full revolution. 3o note movements have more musical embellishment than an 18 or 22 note mechanism. Movements with more notes (such as 50 to 72 notes) have still more embellishments and can play more of the music or two other tunes.
Dimensions: 2 3/4" x 2 1/4" x 3/4" high.
DISCOUNTS TO THE TRADE - Please call for quotes
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The price listed here is for the movement only. It comes with the winding key. If you have ordered a music box from us (unless noted on rare occasion) the price of the movement is included in the price of the box. Just select your preferred tune from our 30 note Tune Selector.
The following tunes are normally available. Should we be out of stock on a particular tune we will notify you usually within 48 hours. Please feel free to email or call regarding availability for more prompt service. Click on [Add to Cart] to select your melody.

18th Variation on a Theme of Paganini (1.30) bni1.30-P7
A Thousand Years (1.30) bni1.30-HXE
A Whole New World (1.30) bni1.30-BFA
All I Ask of You (The Phantom of The Opera) (1.30) bni1.30-ANA
Amazing Grace (1.30) bni1.30-SZ
Anniversary Song (1.30) bni1.30-D
Anniversary Waltz Movement (1.30) bni1.30-WH
Ave Maria (Gounod) (1.30) bni1.30-HJ
Ave Maria (Schubert) (1.30) bni1.30-W4
Barcarole of Hoffman (1.30) bni1.30-Di
Beauty and the Beast (1.30) bni1.30-AWS
Beethoven's 5th Symphony (1.30) bni1.30-AMV
Blue Danube (1.30) bni1.30-AD
Brahms Lullaby (1.30) bni1.30-B
Bridge over Troubled Water (1.30) bni1.30-AGY
Canon in D - Johann Pachelbel (1.30) bni1.30-(-)8
Can't Help Falling in Love (1.30) bni1.30-(+)G
Clair de Lune (1.30) bni1.30-D%
Coppelia (1.30) bni1.30-GNE
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (1.30) bni1.30-Z6
Die Moldau (1.30) bni1.30-ABZ
Edelweiss (1.30) bni1.30-GN
Forest Gump (1.30) bni1.30-ECX
Four Seasons Winter (1.30) bni1.30-BLE
Fur Elise (1.30) bni1.30-E
Gymnopedie (1.30) bni1.30-7W
It's a Small World (1.30) bni1.30-9L
Jesus Joy of Man's Desire (1.30) bni1.30-BSS
Lara's Theme (1.30) bni1.30-CJ
Memory (1.30) bni1.30-MPLUS
Minuet in G by Beethoven (1.30) bni1.30-CYD
Moon River (1.30) bni1.30-P6
Music of the Night (1.30) bni1.30-AKZ
My Favorite Things (1.30) bni1.30-7R
My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) (1.30) bni1.30-CTQ
My Way (1.30) bni1.30-XO
Ode to Joy (9th Symphony) (1.30) bni1.30-W8
Phantom of the Opera (1.30) bni1.30-DAP
Romance D Lamor (1.30) bni1.30-MH
Scarborough Fair (1.30) bni1.30Scarborough
Schindler's List (1.30) bni1.30-Schindlers
Sicilienne (1.30) bni1.30-FCI
Silent Night (1.30) bni1.30-6H
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (1.30) bni1.30-MR
Speak Softly Love (1.30) bni1.30-LK
Summer (1.30) bni1.30-summer
Swan Lake (1.30) bni1.30-AL
The Magic Flute (1.30) bni1.30-JK
Time to Say Goodbye (1.30) bni1.30-TimeSayGB
Un Belle Di (1.30) bni1.30-SH
Unchained Melody (1.30) bni1.30-AYS
Waltz Of The Flowers (1.30) bni1.30-QM
What a Wonderful World (1.30) bni1.30-CJN
When You Wish upon a Star (1.30) bni1.30-OO
White Christmas (1.30) bni1.30-DX
Wind Beneath My Wings (1.30) bni1.30-1017