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Movements - 18 Note Mechanism (1.18) Swiss (Reuge, Romance, Thorens,etc)


Quality 1.18 (18 note movement / mechanism) by Reuge, Romance, Jobim or Geneva (Swiss Made) plays about 8 bars of music lasting about three minutes or so when fully wound. All tunes repeat after the cylinder has made one full revolution. Some tunes are available only in Reuge and other tunes, only in Sanko.

Please note: The Swiss Reuge and Romance 1.18 note mechanisms have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We still have many of the tunes in stock (in various styles governed by year of production).  We cannot guarantee which model you will receive.  Usually, the older the tune, the earlier the year of production.    They measure 2" x 1 3/4" x 3/4" high. Please select your tune but place an alternate in the "ordering instructions box on the order form".


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The SWISS TUNE SELECTOR is compiled of tune titles that have been produced by the manufacturer and were discontinued before Reuge ceased 18 note production.  It doesn't necessarily mean we do not have it.  Conversely, we may currently be out of stock on something else.  We will notify you usually within one business day if we cannot fill your order.

One other note: If you have ordered a music box your mechanism is included in its cost.  It most likely that it has been priced with an Asian mechanism and if you wish a tune that is only available in a Swiss movement or you prefer the Swiss, there will be a price adjustment with credit for your Asian mechanism. If the box was priced with a Swiss movement there will be no extra charge.  The price listed here is for the movement only.
Various stop/start wires, plungers and other stop/start devices are available in our repair and replacement parts department.