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36 note Snakyo mechanism or movement

Movements - 36 Note Mechanism (1.36) Swiss Reuge or Romance

Quality 1.36 (36 note movement/mechanism)by Reuge or Romance (Swiss Made). The tune plays for 30 seconds and movement plays for 7 to 8 minutes when fully wound. All tunes repeat after the cylinder has made one full revolution. Dimensions: 3 5/32" x 2 11/32" x 1" high.

36 Note Soundbite Library 

br1.36-all $419.95
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Normally, if you are ordering a 36 note music box, there is no extra charge for the movement just include the name of the tune in the tune selector.

The Complete Reuge list since 2003 is listed below:

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if you wish to try to order it please do so when you add to cart.
We will notify you if we cannot supply your desired tune)

18th Variation On a Theme of Paganini (1.36) br1.36-1919
Amazing Grace (1.36) br1.36-2090
Anniversary Waltz (1.36) br1.36-2032 [Discontinued N/A]
As Time Goes By (Casablanca) (1.36) br1.36-1995
Ave Maria (1.36) br1.36-2110 [Discontinued N/A]
Barber of Seville (1.36) br1.36-barber
Beauty and the Beast (1.36) br1.36-2022 [Discontinued N/A]
Because You Loved Me (1.36)
Blue Danube (1.22 22 note only) br1.36-blued
Blue Danube/Tales of Vienna Woods (2.36) only 1 left
Blue Hawaii (1.36) br1.36-2095 [Discontinued N/A]
Brahms Lullaby (1.36)br1.36-
Brahms Waltz/ Eine Kleine (2.36) only 1 left
Butterfly Kisses (1.36) br1.36-2113 [Discontinued N/A]
Candle In the Wind (1.36) br1.36-2112 [Discontinued N/A]
Canon in D (1.36) br1.36-1898
Clair De Lune (1.36) br1.36-2125
Currently Not Available (click arrow on right to see list)
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (1.36) br1.36-2089
Dark Eyes (1.36) br1.36-1860
Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean) (1.36)
Edelweiss (1.36) br1.36-1738
Eine Kleine/ Minuet Don Juan (2.36) only 1 left
Four Seasons (1.36) br1.36-fourseasons
Fur Elise (1.36) br1.36-1978
Greensleeves (1.36) br1.36-green [Discontinued N/A]
Happy Birthday (1.36) br1.36-2057 [Discontinued N/A]
Harmonious Blacksmith (1.36) br1.36-1883
If I Ever Knew You (1.36) br1.36-2073
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (1.36) br1.36-chase
Impromptu (Chopin) (1.36) br1.36-2093 [Discontinued N/A]
Laras Theme (Dr. Zhivago) (1.36) br1.36-1728
Lullaby Brahams (1.36) br1.36-2021 [Discontinued N/A]
Masquerade (Phantom of the Opera) (1.36) br1.36-2000
Memory (Cats) (1.36) br1.36-1915
Minuet (1.36) Paderewsky br1.36-1888
Minuet (1.36) Beethoven br1.36-1857 [Discontinued N/A]
Moldau F.- Smetana (1.36) br1.36-2083 [Discontinued N/A]
Moon River (1.36) br1.36-1773 [Discontinued N/A]
Music Box Dancer (1.36) br1.36-1880
My Heart Will Go On (1.36) br1.36-2123
Nocturne (1.36) br1.36-2010 [Discontinued N/A]
Oh Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum) (1.36) br1.36-2019
Serenade Schubert
Silent Night (1.36) br1.36-1510
Slipping Through My Fingers (from Mama Mia) (1.36)
Someone to Watch Over Me (1.36) [Discontinued N/A]
Somewhere Out There (1.36) br1.36-1961
Sound of Music (1.36) br1.36-1759 [Discontinued N/A]
Strangers in the Night (1.36) br1.36-1734
Swan Lake (1.36) br1.36-1999
Tales of Hoffman (Barcarole) Offenbach (1.36) br1.36-2082
The Rose (1.36) br1.36-1929
The Trout (1.36) br1.36-1864 [Discontinued N/A]
Time to Say Goodbye (1.36) br1.36-time
Tristesse (1.36) br1.36-1886
Unchained Melody (1.36) br1.36-1980
Unforgettable (1.36) br1.36-2011
Waltz #2 (1.36) Shostakovich br1.36-1889
Waltz of the Flowers (1.36) br1.36-1885
Watermusic (1.36) br1.36-1974 [Discontinued N/A]
Wedding Song- There is Love (1.36) br1.36-2034
When I Fall in Love (1.36) br1.36-2063 [Discontinued N/A]
William Tell Overture (1.36) br1.36-2144
Wind Beneath My Wings (1.36) br1.36-1985
Your Song (1.36) br1.36-2062