Movements - 50 Note Mechanism (2.50) Orpheus
Movements - 50 Note Mechanism (2.50) Orpheus
50 note (2.50) Orpheus by Sankyo Mechanism - Custom your own melody 1

50 note (2.50) Orpheus by Sankyo Mechanism - Custom your own melody


The Orpheus by Sankyo (2.50) Musical Mechanism, 50 notes - 2 tunes or revolutions is the way to go for the composer who wishes his music in a quality music box format. 

The price listed above includes Sankyo's development fee, one movement with all necessary installation accessories (anchoring screws, off/on frontal button assembly for the movement only.

If you purchase one of our Italian cabinets that will accommodate your piece, we'll be happy to do the installation for you at no extra charge. 

If you are contemplating building your own cabinet, and need support we are at your service.

Please don't hesitate to call or contact us if you have any questions. Our email address is,  If you leave your phone number and time zone, we will call you.

3.50 mechanisms that will play 3 melodies or parts of your composition are also available. The development fee increases by 600.00 for the 3rd revolution.

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Sankyo is a Japanese Company that manufactures 30, 50, 72, 100 and 144 note mechanisms. The name Orpheus was appropriately chosen after the minstrel master of Greek mythology, to represent their beautifully sounding movements (also known as mechanisms).

To read more about Orpheus, the minstral, click on Facts regarding Orpheus and Sankyo