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Tolo Toys My First Scale

$19.95 Reg. Price $26.95  

The Laugh's on Us!  Introducing children to the world of Music? Not this time...  It was a mistake on our part. The item was listed as My First Scales when we bought it to sell to our Musical Clientele.

This is a weight scale by Tolo Toys and Recommended for ages 12 months + and the only thing musical about it is, maybe, the rhythm one could play with the "shaker" weights.

That being said, however, it is educational.
Colours and shapes
Hand and eye co-ordination
Gripping and release
Awareness of movement
Awareness of weight

Sorry it won't teach your baby to sing scales but it promises to stimulate!!  We've marked it down because it doesn't fit in with our inventory.  We have a limited quantity and it will not be re-ordered.

Take advantage of the value!

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