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Colorful Reuge Vintage animated clown music Box

Vintage Reuge Dancing Clown Music Box


This Animated Dancing Clown is in amazing original mint condition, not a mark on it. Made in Switzerland out of wood as in days of old, dances up a storm to a Swiss Reuge 1.18 mechanism, Playing "La matchicha"" while balancing his red ball.

There is a circus elephant in the background with crown and back blanket standing on a round circus platform. Stop start push pull peg in back controls music and animation. It measures approximately 4 1/26" from side to side and 3" back to front and stands 5: high.

Very collectible. They aren't making musicals like this anymore and this one is in the best condition we've ever seen.  Even the winding key doesn't look like it was used very much. 

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