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Gregorian Chant illuminated Musical Manuscript

Two currently in stock, others By Special Order! Please call for availability: (888)-884-2533. These 16th Century Illuminated P and Illuminated S are in stock and available. Wonderfully old, Authentic Illuminated Gregorian Chants from 15th and 16th Century Monastery Books or single on parchment. No Two alike. Their measurements can vary: approximately 22" x 12" or the above which happen measure approximately 19 1/2" by 14" ready to frame as you wish. Pricing could vary depending upon extent of illumination and whether printed on paper or parchment. Other Highly illuminated with gilt and drawings starting at 3000.00 are also available by special order.
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Answer to our blog's question: False .... Pope St. Gregory did not invent the Gregorian Chant but his biographers relate that, to say the least, he had a personal share in the arrangement of the Collection.