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Vintage Reuge Gilt Bird Cage with Red Bird on Perch and Red or Blue below

Reuge Vintage Two Singing Birds in Cage

Wish List - ($1450.00 is only an estimate)

Previously owned, double birds are currently out of stock. If you are interested, please call us. We do have wish lists for hard to find items to which you may add your name and contact info. (Use text box provided if you prefer) Prices will vary, $1450.00 happens to have been the amount paid for the most recent one we've sold . You are not obligated to purchase anything until you ok it.  

REUGE VINTAGE DOUBLE BIRD CAGES in excellent condition.  Birds are painstakingly feathered by hand and colors change according to artist feathering the bird.  Dimensions are about 6.5 inches in diameter x approximately 12 inches high. Usually found in gilt brass and guilloche motif base with gold colored velvet, some with red bird and blue one below, others with different combination of colors, yellow, black, red or blue   Delightful! 

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Usual attributes:
Gilt cage, guilloché base
Automaton movement with two singing birds 
Movement composed of 250 mechanical pieces, assembled by hand
Genuine Humming Bird feathers
Running reserve: about 14 minutes for intermittent bird song and 2 minutes for continuous bird song.


More info:
About the year 1780 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Jaccquet-Droz invented the mechanical singing bird. This movement imitated the movements of birds and reproduced the birdsong very authentically. It contains a leather bellows and piston whistle assembly. About 60 years later it was perfected by the Baise Bontems workshop in Paris. In 1960 Reuge took over Bontems, as well as Eschles production in Germany. In this way tradition has been safeguarded