Hummel Carved Anri
Hummel Carved Anri
Interior view of Hummel Music Box

Hummel Carved Anri "Chick Girl" for Goebel - Reuge 36 note


Circa 1987, this is a beautifully shaped, straight grain walnut vintage music box with an Anri hand carved panel influenced by the "Chick Girl" Hummel figurine,  a young girl playing with chicks in a field of flowers (maybe poppies).  It measures sures 6 " x 4 1/2" and stands 2 3/4" high.

The interior is unlined except for a red velvet floor. It was made in Italy, limited second edition #548 for Goebel in Germany. The 36 note movement is visible and if wound, will play a Reuge rendition of the beautiful "Voices of Spring" by Johann Strauss II, when a small switch on the side is pushed into the playing position.  If you reposition it back to the off immediately it will continue to play until the end of the melody.  If you keep it to the "on" position it will continue to play until it winds down. 

(Old but new stock in original packaging)

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