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Wind Chimes for Sale

Are you looking for a new high-quality and unique wind chime for your home to help enhance your indoor surroundings or illuminate your outdoor oasis? At, we offer a wide selection of distinct quality wind chimes with a variety of melodic tones designed to bring peace, vivacity and enchantment to your daily life. Our wind chimes are suitable for any music-lover and feature tones to create soothing, relaxing moods — or melodies reminiscent of Mozart and Bach or higher-pitched tones to stimulate energy and creativity.

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Attractive, Pleasant and High-Quality Woodstock Wind Chimes at

Woodstock Wind Chimes are recognized worldwide for their design, splendor and quality. In 1979, musician Garry Kvistad developed these chimes hoping to create the world’s best-sounding wind chime, and today each chime is specially designed and tuned for lasting attractiveness, quality and pleasant tones. The wind chimes offered from Woodstock are specially designed to entertain and inspire individuals of all ages and promote a love for different forms of music.

The popularity of these Musical Wind Chimes is evidenced by the very fact that most people ask for them by name. Are you wondering what makes them the best wind chimes available? Well, it is the beautiful amalgamation of their visual appearance and sound quality that sets them apart from the other brands of wind chimes.

At, we pride ourselves on offering a large selection of beautiful and striking wind chimes, each featuring hypnotic and soothing tones we know you’ll love. Our wide catalog of wind chimes is available in several sizes — from small and delicate to eye-catching larger designs — and high-quality materials to fit your personal style, including steel, aluminum, bronze, bamboo, cherry and birch, among others.

Musical Wind Chime Collections

With our dynamic selection of Woodstock wind chimes, you can not only have a single chime designed to add a bit of zen to your daily life, but you can also create enchanting visual displays and even symphonies. Woodstock chimes are available in several collections — including Windsinger, Core, Fiesta and Encore — that are tuned and feature different tones of the same scale, so they can accentuate and enhance each other’s sounds.

Tones for Growth, Tranquility and Balance

Throughout Asia, wind chimes are considered good luck and are often used in Feng Shui. Wind chimes are a popular feature of Eastern homes because they’re also thought to maximize the flow of chi, or one’s life energy. At, we offer several Asian-inspired bamboo and metal wind chimes symbolizing different energies to enhance your life — courage, happiness, joy, change and growth.

All of these inspired wind chime designs feature different tones to stimulate the qualities and energy you desire to encourage new, exciting moods and outlooks.

Check Out Our Wide Selection of Woodstock Wind Chimes Today

With a new Woodstock wind chime from, you can incorporate a piece of beautiful artwork matched with unique sounds to improve the look of your home and your daily life. Our selection has been hand-selected by our expert staff to fit any style or theme you desire, with several tones to match or create a specific mood. We guarantee that friends and family who visit your home or receive these quality chimes as a gift will enjoy the pleasant melodies for years to come.

All of the wind chimes available at are crafted from the highest-quality materials to ensure lasting attractiveness and premium sounds for many years and have all been enjoyed by our experts. To learn more about our Woodstock wood chimes, please feel free to give us a call today at 888-884-2533.