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Woodstock Wind Chimes of Chakra

Woodstock Wind Chimes of Chakra


The new Woodstock collection, Chimes of Chakra. (left to right) Amethyst, Aventurine, Red Coral and Turquoise.

Chime length: longest tube on all chimes = 17.5"

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Woodstock now has a DESKTOP DISPLAY STAND for your favorite chime. It is an additional 19.00.
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Amethyst represents the Crown Chakra, which is related to thought and self-knowledge. When developed, the Crown Chakra brings wisdom and understanding. Amethyst enhances peace of mind and bestows stability, strength and contentment.

Aventurine represents the Heart Chakra, which is related to love and compassion. The Heart Chakra is in the center and as such, it is the integrator of opposites. Aventurine enhances creativity and balances the intellectual, emotional and physical.

Red Coral represents the Base Chakra, which is related to physical identity and self-preservation. Located at the base of the spine, the Base Chakra forms our foundation and brings health, prosperity and security

Turquoise represents the Throat Chakra, which is related to sound and self-expression. The Throat Chakra involves communication, sound and creativity.