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Marine & Water Safety Whistles

Safety around water is vital no matter the situation. Whether you are in charge of a pool, a boat, or any other water-based center of activity, you need a whistle in order to maintain order and safety. The Music Shop has you covered with marine safety whistles and water safety whistles for every occasion.

From our brick-and-mortar beginnings in 1965 as The Port Washington Music House, we supplied only the best quality brands of orchestral and band musical instruments — including orchestral whistles such as the Acme Nightingale and the Cuckoo used in symphonic works. That led to local requests to stock Premium Sports Whistles, and then our local boating enthusiasts needed us to include Water and Maritime Safety Whistles …. with which we complied. 

Our Water Safety Whistles

Our Acme Boatswain Whistle or Bosun’s Whistle was a big hit and still is one of our bestsellers, available with or without attractive presentation cases, as with all of our whistles.  We also stock the appropriate matching accessories of chains or lanyards making an ideal gift for your maritime enthusiast.

We are proud to offer the entire line of Acme Whistles. Marine and Pool-safe Whistle Products and Accessories and Awards with Engraving Service, for Sports, Police and Security, Bird Calls and Pet Training.

We also carry larger products, such as the S.O.L.A.S. model and Acme’s premium siren horn, to make your boating experiences safer for everyone. You may find the whistle you need by tone. Order your marine safety and water safety whistle products from Our Music House Shop at, Inc. for a safer time on the water.