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Whistle Sound Bite Library

      Soundbites of  the most popular whistles

To hear the melodies, click on pink buttons.        To return to the whistle directory page click HERE.

Bird Warbler Whistle 
Blackbird Whistle 
Bosun Pipe 
City Whistle 
Crow Call Whistle 
Cuckoo Whistle 
Distress Whistle 
Dog Whistle 
Duck Call Whistle
Horn Whistle 
Locomotive Whistle 
Marine Whistle 
Nightingale Whistle 
Pigeon Dove Whistle 
Police Bobby Whistle 
Predator Whistle 
Referee Whistle 
Safety and Sport Whistle 
Samba Whistle 
Scout Whistle 
Shepherd Whistle 
Siren Whistle
Slide Whistle 
Two Tone Whistle 



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